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  • James Yu (Daechi)

The Perfect School

For students, school is an important chapter of their childhood. It is an important place to learn different things; So, the location, subjects, and rules play a huge role in our lives. If the child studies in a good school, that certainly would help the child have the best childhood and even future. Thus, I would like to explain to you what a “Perfect School” should have or look like in order to cultivate a child’s mind and childhood.

The perfect school would have to be located in the middle of nature. It would be surrounded by greenery and tall trees to provide clean air and shadow to the students and staff. The school would have enough space for the students to explore around the school with complete safety. The size of the school would have to have a play-field, big enough to allow students to relax in a comfortable yet fun environment. A safe play field will allow children to play during lunchtime and another break. This will certainly allow the students to have a happy and safe school life.

In addition to that, the perfect school has to have extraordinary subjects. This means that the school should have the subject that other ordinary schools don’t have. For example, there can be a “maker studio” inside the school, which will enable students to create or build anything they want, and enjoy this subject by not focusing on studying only, like a zombie inside a classroom, such is the case for students in most schools. Also, there can be a ‘Cooking’ subject, where students and their teachers make food and enjoy eating delicious dishes together made by themselves. That would be an excellent experience for students to be a healthy mind and body.

In order for a student to have a happy and joyful school life, there should be rules that help students enjoy studying in class. However, there should also be rules that state that students should be great at their studies and behavior. For example, If the students do not do their homework on time, they should write down their homework questions twice. Also, if other students tease or bully others, they’ll be prohibited from playing for a week,…etc.

To conclude, in order for students to have a happy school life, a proper childhood, and a healthy state of mind, it all starts from school. It is important for children to study well and rest comfortably too. For that, a school should have a good location, subjects, and rules. That would allow students to have the best childhood.


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