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  • Eva Lee (Bangbae)

The Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Park

There are a lot of theme parks around the world. A popular place may be Disneyland which is in the US. Many children like Universal Studios in Singapore as well. These are all good and famous theme parks. If I have a chance to build my own theme park, I would build “The Pirates of the Caribbean” theme park.

This park would be about the movie “The Pirates of the Caribbean.” Inside, there would be a lot of statues. I’d like to put a Kraken statue which is very similar to the Kraken in the movie and huge as a three-story building. I will also have a Jack Sparrow statue with a smirk on his face. I would have these since they are the most important characters in the movie and some who have watched this movie would be interested in them. Another decoration I want to put in the paintings is sunken boats because the story of the movie is the monsters attacking boats.

Many people visiting my theme park would enjoy special food, events, and songs. For the food, I will sell soft ice cream with Jack Sparrow and Kraken cookies. In addition, the person will get a free movie ticket if he or she finds the princess pictures in the ice cream. This treat would be popular because there will be a lot of different flavors. Also, the main theme song of the movie, “He’s a Pirate” will be played to make the visitors more excited.

Since most theme parks have thrilling attractions, I want my visitors to have a hair-raising experience at my theme park. There will be a tunnel, and the ride will stop at the top and suddenly go down. Also, I want to have another roller coaster in water—it would look like a boat and the water will splash when it falls.

If I have the opportunity and enough money to build a theme park, I want to build a place that has exciting attractions and delicious signature food with cool decorations. When I grow up and have a lot of money, I would really like to make this plan come true!


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