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  • Paul Lee (G6) Daechi

The World of Social Media

How often do you use Social Media? Social Media has become an important part of our lives. Almost anyone has a Social Media account to socialize and communicate with different people from different places. However, do we still have control over Social Media? And how much does it affect our lives?

There are lots of types of Social Media. There are platforms where you can post your life events or create content such as pictures or videos via apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, or Youtube. Also, it allows people to communicate with their friends or make new ones! There are many Social Media apps and many ways to use them!

People use Social Media to talk and pass time. And some people use it for photos, videos and share them. Also, people use it to show people their life and what you are doing. And some people use it as a way to show people their thoughts about issues and news.

But, there are many bad things regarding Social Media. Since many people are using Social Media, some people might use it in a bad way and to do bad things to you only because nobody can know who they are. They can turn anonymous and bully people as much as they want. Also, they might know your private information, and use it however they want.

Social Media can make you talk with your friends and make friends. Also, you can share your life events by posting videos and photos. But we should be aware and use Social Media with caution.


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