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Trip to Yellow Stone

In June of last year, 2021, I took a week-long trip to the western side of the US. We visited a lot of places, states, and national parks. We had to take a 5-hour flight there since it was very far away. Luckily, I had magazines and maps I got from my trip.

There are several places I have visited and one of them was the ‘Grand Canyon’. I was pretty excited to go there because the Grand Canyon is famous for its landscapes and nature. I was amazed by the surrounding nature. Instead of tall skyscrapers, they were replaced by giant canyons and beautiful nature.

Our second destination was ‘Yellow Stone’ and that’s what left a huge mark in my memory. I especially remember seeing many animals. I saw goats, squirrels, hawks, eagles, moose, deer, buffaloes, bears, snakes, and more. I remember seeing a goat climbing on a cliff really close to the road. Another big part of Yellow Stone was the springs. There were lots of puddles of hot natural springs. The rocks inside the puddles of water were very colorful. At one point, we saw water erupting from the ground about 10 meters high. It lasted for 20 to 40 seconds. I only heard about the erupting springs before I went on this trip to Yellow Stone. It was fascinating. Everybody was taking pictures and I was left amazed. We saw all the animals I mentioned above, when we were taking our rental car toward the hotel or when driving. We also saw a lot of animals while hiking.

On our third destination, we got to visit ‘Glacier National Park’. I remember a lot of mountain terrains and we were driving between them. It was kind of warm and a lot like spring, so, a lot of ice on the mountains was melting on cliffs, leading to the roads. Water was falling from them. There was a large river following the road, but we were far away from it because we were situated high up.

Last but not least, we visited ‘Death Valley’. It was very hot, obviously, because that’s what Death Valley is known for. We just stayed and enjoyed the view for a few hours. One thing I also still remember is that we went to an evaporated salt lake. All that was left of the ocean was salt and sand. The deadly heat from the sun evaporated the whole lake. It wasn’t shallow either, we were at the lowest point of North America.

To summarize, I visited the Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone, Glacier National Park, Death Valley, and more places that I don’t remember. I really enjoyed the trip and it was totally worth every second.


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