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  • Isabella Ryu (Grade 5) Gangnam

Many Details About Curling

Today I will tell you few things about the Olympic winter sport-curling. I chose this topic because I thought many people don't know about the sport called curling. So I wanted to do research and share the information with you about this sport.

First of all, I will tell you a history of curling. First, curling started in Scotland in 16th century. First club was Kilsyth Curling club and the club started in 1716. Curling is chosen as the winter Olympic sports in 1998.

Next, I will tell you how to play this sport. Players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target area which is segmented into four concentric circles. Two teams, each with four players, take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones across the ice curling sheet towards the house a circular target marked on the ice. Also, each team has eight stones and the purpose is to accumulate the highest score.

Third, I will tell you how to get points. Points are scored for the stones resting closet to the center of the house at the conclusion of each end.

Fourth, I will tell you about the countries that excel at it. First of all the total medal winners are: first-Canada, Second-China, Third- Finland. Next, in 2015~2016 the winners are: first-the men winner team is Canada and the women winner team is Switzerland.

Last of all, I will explain the curling equipment. When we play curling, we need to have curling stone, broom, and shoes. Curling stone is made of granite. Also it is 38 and 44 pounds. Curling broom is used to sweep the ice surface in the path of the stone. Curling shoes have dissimilar soles. Also, the slider shoe.

Today I've explained how to play curling, its history, equipment, and how to get points, and the countries that excel at it. I want many people to know the sport -curling through my writing.

Are you now interested to watch curling during upcoming Olympic Games?

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