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  • Yena Cho (Grade 3) Apgujeong

The History of Easter

Have you ever celebrated Easter? Well, almost everyone has heard of Easter, but sometimes does not celebrate it. Usually, Christians celebrate it because it is the day of Jesus’ resurrection.

First, I will explain how Easter started. After the resurrection, people started celebrating Easter. The date of Easter is called Easter Sunday, and the week before Easter is called White Week. Easter is on April 1st. The second thing is that what do eggs have to do with Easter? Eggs symbolize life when they are cracked open, it means an empty tomb, like when Jesus resurrected. So we use the egg as a symbol of egg Jesus walking out of the tomb. Easter means “Season of birth”.

We usually celebrate Easter by wearing white shirts and giving each other boiled eggs. Some people give people colored plastic eggs instead because plastic lasts longer. Christian people go to church to celebrate and pray. Catholic people go to Catholic Church to celebrate and pray, too.

Do you know how other countries celebrate Easter? In France, French children don’t get treats from the Easter bunny! So where do you think they get their treats from? They get it from the Easter bell. In Poland, the night before Easter, each family prepares an “Easter basket” filled with eggs, bacon, ham, bread, and etc to be blessed in the church. In the UK, many communities have Easter performances of Morris dancing, a traditional folk dance. In Greece, Greeks throw pots out the window symbolizing the pieces that will be gathered in new pots, since it’s the beginning of spring. In Sweden, hundreds of girls and boys dress up and go house-to-house and get treats like Halloween. Last of all, in Washington D.C., the president hosts the annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn of Ester Monday.

What do you think? Other than this, there are lots of ways to celebrate Easter. Next Easter, I will try to buy lots of chocolate eggs and give it to my family members. Thank you!

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