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  • Angela Moon (Grade 6) Daechi

The Negative Effects of Smartphones

I am writing about negative effects of smartphones. There are many benefits to having a smartphone. Smartphones allow easy communication and they give you access to various games and lots of information. However, there are some negative effects of smartphones as well.

First, smartphone games are addictive. You can waste so much time playing games because it’s hard to stop and control yourself. For example, in my class, my friend was late to school because she played games and slept late. She said playing games was so much fun and couldn’t stop until her parents told her to stop.

Second, smartphones can damage your eyes because of blue light from smartphone screens and blue light is harmful to your eyes. For example when I look at smartphone screens for a long time eyes dry out and it’s hard to fall asleep.

Third, smartphones have enabled and facilitated cyber bulling. Some students target other students on Kakao Talk and harass or threaten them. This means smartphones can have negative effects on mental health. Also, false information can be a big problem because some people might trust that false information and spread rumors to other people. For example, you will become a liar without realizing because of false information. Nobody will trust you if you keep spreading false information. People might think you’re a bad person because of rumors.

In conclusion, I think smartphones have negative effects because of those three reasons and we should control ourselves from spending too much time on smartphones.

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