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  • Grace Lee (Grade 4) Cheongdam

When Food Attacks...

It was three seconds before New Year’s Day. “Ding dong, ding dong.” The bell rang and everybody celebrated. The dark blue sky was filled with beautiful shining stars. Then suddenly, an unfriendly voice rose. “You humans will all die, DIE!!!” The siren rang, the ground shook, so everybody panicked. We all hid underneath the tables. Then, it stopped shaking. People then began standing up and screaming after seeing what just happened. However, from out of nowhere, frogs that were made of cake jumped onto people and no one knew the reason why.

Then, I rubbed my eyes and hoped that I was dreaming. I tried to settle down myself that it was only a dream. Therefore, I tried to wake up, but I couldn’t. Then, I heard my family yelling at me to run away, so that was when I knew it wasn’t a dream. I panicked again. My little brother Tom was jumping in front of the frog that had icing and candy on it. My friends were shaking giant butterflies, and these giant butterflies were made of pizza. Just then, I realized what just happened. All the food turned into animals! I was puzzled and unsure of this crazy situation. I ran outside to escape from the creepy creatures. Then, I saw the most terrifying thing that I have never seen before. Everyone was in fear of what they had just seen with their food. I even saw some of my friends coming out of their houses. Jade and Henry also came out of their houses.

This weird and crazy situation kept happening on and on. More food turned into animals and this made people really hungry. Then again, I heard the unfriendly voice saying, “You humans will all die, DIE!!!” Therefore, I gathered some of my friends to figure out what was going on. Jade, Henry, Tom, and I met at the tree house. All of us were starving for a day or two. It seemed like a nightmare for all of us and we were left with almost no food. “Why did we gather, Peter?” Henry asked. So then, I told them about the voice that I heard before New Year’s Day. “I heard it too!” Jade said. “So did I!” Tom shouted. We all started to talk about the voice and then Henry said, “Some say it might be the witch. Why don’t we look for it? No one else will…” And that was the start of our journey.

Before we left, we took all of the remaining food that we could find: one banana, two slices of bread, and five peppermint candies. It was not much but it was better than nothing. Therefore, we each took our backpacks and took the bus. Somehow, we ended up in a jungle. No one knew why but that was all of the money that was left. It was weird that a bus could go into a jungle, but we still carried on until, Tom suddenly fell over. “Ouch, what’s this? Tom said. We all ran to him and looked at the same thing that Tom was holding. It was a long thin box with a wooden stick inside. “Well, that looks like trash.” Jade said.

However, to me, it looked like a wand so I took it just in case. Then, we came across a river. We all ran to the river for water and saw a gigantic fish made of carrots, falling down from a cave. It looked mysterious so we cautiously went toward the cave. Although, it was on top of a mountain which made it impossible for us to go inside. I sat down and said, “Abracadabra, please open!” I just said it for fun, but a door appeared. I opened it carefully and saw a witch. “You! How dare you interrupt me!” The witch yelled. We panicked. Then I saw my hand shaking. All of the sudden, the wand rose. It pointed to the witch and boom! It shot a shiny light at the witch and the witch was gone.

Five seconds later, we were home and everything was back to normal. I was confused of what just happened but I was also glad that everything came back to its place. We figured out that the voice was the witch and finally we ate some delicious pizza to celebrate. Then, I wondered what our life would had been if the witch was still alive.

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