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Beautiful Japan

Today I will write about Japan. I want to go to Japan because of the ramen I ate when I went to Japan. That ramen is not same as usual ramen. It has a special taste.

Now I will write about Japanese food. In Japan there is a doughnut shaped like an animal. It is very cute. In Japan there is a square watermelon, heart shaped watermelon etc. Also, there is changkonabe. Changkonabe is a food that only contains meat. Sumo wrestlers usually eat this food to get bigger. When we buy it for 2 people it comes out as if it is for four people! You can also see Japanese people eating horse meat. And there is even horse meat flavoured ice cream. Personally, I like takoyaki. Takoyaki is a food that has meat, seafood etc.

Next, I will tell you about Japanese etiquette. When you go to Japan it is bad to point your finger at a person and it is rude to stare at someone’s eyes for a long time. In Japan it is bad to wear colorful outfits. In Japan you can’t smoke in public places and you must recycle the trash.

Now I will tell you about three main Japanese traditional dramas. First, the oldest of them was ‘No’, which was born in the 14th century. The stage setting is simple, but actors wear mask and traditional clothes. Actors move very slowly, chirring their lines. Secondly, ‘kabuki’ began in the 17th century. ‘Kabuki’ has a lot of dramatic scenes and movements, and its costumes are sensitive and fancy. ‘Kabuki’ contains complicated stage settings, including a passage to perform near an audience. Finally, ‘Bunraku’ is a kind of puppet play. It was first performed in 16th century. A doll is half size of a human, and it looks like a human. Each doll is controlled by three people.

Now I will tell you about Japanese cartoons. Another popular form of modern work is cartoons, cartoons usually contain series of new stories, or social information history or other non-fiction stories, sometimes made into movie. Japanese cartoons are recognized on a global scale.

Lastly, I will tell you about Japanese calendar. The emperor era yea, which counts from the year of ascension of the Empero, is often used for recording dates in Japan including transportation time tables and store receipts. The current era is Heisei and Heisei 24 corresponds to 2012. The year may be written as ‘H 24’ or just ’24’, so ‘24/4/1’ is April 1,2012. Western years are also well understood and frequently used.

Is it fun? I want to visit Japan again. When I go to Japan next time I want to eat a cnagkonabe. Next time I want to write about my favorite city in Japan – Tokyo.

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