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  • Amy Ki (Grade 4) Bangbae

Famous Historical Things in Korea

Hi! My name is Amy. Today I will write about few things that have an important history of Korea behind them.

First thing I will write about is 'Seokguram'.

'Seokguram' is a Buddhist temple. There are many other Buddhist temples, but this temple is different. This temple was built in Silla Dynasty (a country long time ago) but we can't make this temple again because we can't build this with our building skills now. This temple is built with a lot of scientific things. The temples humidity is just right to keep the Buddha's status not to get any mold or be rotten. The Buddha's status was built inside the dirt and it was all covered with dirt and stones, so even a strong wind or human power can't break it easily.

Also in the Buddha's forehead, there is a crystal called 'white tiger' which shines and makes a rainbow. How? Because the light shines right through the crystal so the rainbow is made. Because of all these reasons, the 'Seokguram' is now a UNESCO world cultural heritage.

The Second thing I will write about is, about King 'Sejong'.

King Sejong is the most famous and loved king in Korea. He was a good king to poor people like farmers, sellers, fishers, and more. He was famous for his inventions too. The very first thing he invented is "Hun Min Jung Um"(Korean letters). In that time, Korean people used Chinese letters. So the poor people couldn't read or write. King Sejong made our Korean letters for poor people. So everybody can read, study and write. The second thing King did is in that time is, for all the people who were farmers he invented a lot of farming machines to help farmers to farm much easier.

The third thing that King Sejong did is making a clock. In that time, we didn't know when to meet or how many minutes past. There was a similar thing to a clock, but that was so expensive that it was only in the castle. So he made a 'rain gauge' so everyone could watch the clock. So because of what he did, the King 'Sejong' is the most famous and loved king in Korea.

The forth important thing in Korea is "Jic ji"(Jig Ji Simcha You Jul). Not many people know about this book, but this book is the first book that was printed. This book was printed in 1377. It was printed 78 years earlier than Gutenberg's metal stamp book. This book is about how and what Buddha said to people. So Woman Monks printed this book to tell many people about Buddha and how Buddha did and talked. This book was printed like 100 ~ 200. But we can't find all of it and the first book that they printed is in France book museum.

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