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  • Ella (Grade 5) Jamwon

The History of Modern Bicycles

Today, I will introduce to you about bicycles!

There are many types of modern bicycles. There are the tricycles with three wheels which are for babies and when they get older, then they can ride bicycles with training wheels. These bicycles are easy to ride for babies because it is easy to balance and they will not fall down easily. Then, there are the two-wheeled bicycles that people normally would ride. As people get old enough, they can balance their bodies better which allows them to ride bicycles. There is also the unicycle that is hard to ride but it is usually used by the circus.

Now, let’s learn about the evolution of bicycles! The first bicycle was called a ‘célérifère.’ It was invented in 1790s by Comte de Sivrac who lived in France. It was completely made of wood and in order to ride it, one had to “walk” while riding on top of it. The next model of bicycle was ‘draisine’ which was invented by Baron Karl von Drais who lived in Prussia in 1818. It was also made completely out of wood but it included a pair of handles.

The ‘velocipede’ was the first bicycle to have pedals. It was invented by Pierre Michaux of France in 1861. The pedals were revolutionary but it was hard to ride on the cobblestone streets. The fourth bicycle was the ‘high wheeler.’ The front wheel was much bigger than the back wheel, so it was hard to ride and balance and women couldn’t ride these. IT was invented by James Stall from United Kingdom in 1870.

It was John Camp Stall who made the modern bicycle. In 1885, he made the ‘safety bicycle’ which had same sized wheels for both the front and the back. It also had a tired and moved with a chain.

It is from all of these inventors and bicycles that we can ride the modern bike!

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