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  • Glara Han, Junggye

Are Smartphones Good For You?

Almost everyone in this world will have smartphones and will be using it well. It is a great invention. I also use a smartphone and there are good things and bad things about it.

First, I play games mostly on my phone. I play games because I’m bored when there is nothing to do, I play games. Today, many fun games are available on your phone.

There are more good things about smartphones. First, I can send texts. When there is something to tell my friends, I can text them. Also, I can call someone. If there is an emergency, I can call someone instead of texting.

There are also bad things. Using phones for too long can give you bad eyes. Also, you might spend your time on the phone instead of studying, so you could become bad at studying.

Like mentioned above, the smartphone gives us fun and comfort. However, it has many problems, too. It gives you bad eyes and bad scores. So, we shouldn’t use it for a long time.

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