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  • Sun Whang (G4) Apgujeong

Chocolate Toothpaste

Do you like to use toothpaste? I don’t like to use it. But if the toothpaste is chocolate-flavored, we can like it! Now I will guide you on how to make yummy-flavored toothpaste.

First, grind the sugar-free chocolate and then, stir it because if we don’t stir it, the toothpaste will stick into your teeth. Second, slice the toothpaste cup in whatever size you want. 6 slices is best. Last, make all the flavors that you like and put it in the cup with plain toothpaste, staple all the parts of the cup together.

There are many flavors you can choose. We have all different tastes for every 1 layer so we can make into yummy flavors. If you like a fruit flavor, we can grind it into a mixer.

This invention will help many people because there are many people whose children don’t like to brush their teeth. Kids like chocolate so chocolate-flavored toothpaste will be excellent to solve that problem. Kids are suffering by the millions all around the world for bad-tasting toothpaste.

By making my flavored-toothpaste, we can make kids excited about brushing their teeth.

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