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  • James Lee (5th Grade) Daechi

My Favorite Restaurant in Singapore

Recently, I have been to a place called “Jumbo” with my family. I loved this place and my family loved it too. In this essay, I will be writing about the restaurant I like the most. I went to this restaurant during my trip to Singapore.

There were many different kinds of food at this restaurant. For example, they had buns, chili crab, fish skin, clam, chili mushroom, chili salad, fried rice, crab meat, and shrimp dishes. My favorite menu was chili crab because I like crab, and the crab was spicy, so it was very tasty. There were many different types of food and the price was around 74 SGD (Singapore dollar). One bad thing was that we had to pay for water as well, so we could not drink water at the restaurant.

This restaurant looked huge and crowded. When I first saw the restaurant, I almost fainted because it was much more exotic and unique than Korean restaurants. The decorations were pretty and it was spectacular. It was not as crowded when we went there for the first time, but it was more crowded at night. I couldn’t believe my eyes because the restaurant was more crowded than the ones in Korea. Also, it was so loud that my eardrum almost exploded!!

The service of the restaurant was good. However, it was hard to communicate with the waiters/workers because they were Chinese so they only spoke Chinese. Also, the food took almost 50 minutes to come out.

In conclusion, I want to recommend this restaurant because they have famous Singapore food, such as chili crab. I like the restaurant and my brother loved it too. My brother said "Let’s go to Singapore and go to “jumbo” again!!" I really wish I could go back there someday.

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