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My New School Year!

My New School Year!

Happy New School Year! Did you move on to new grade and meet new teachers and new friends? I have also started my new school year! I will introduce my ‘happy new school year!’

First, I will tell you about all the ‘fun things’ I get when I become fifth grader. Now, when I turned twelve years old, I can play games or watch TV shows that twelve years olds are allowed to. I also got a new smartphone. My old one was too slow, and it was out of date. But my new phone is faster, and it is a new model. When I turned twelve years old, my dad bought me a puppy! He is so cute. I always wanted a puppy. His fur is like a silk. Once I moved on to fifth grade my school break time got longer. Before, when I used to be in fourth grade, it was just twenty minutes, but now my school break time is forty minutes! Isn’t it awesome?!

I have got some fun things, but I have some dull things, too. Since I am in fifth grade now, I have to stay in school for a longer time. I feel disappointed about it. Also, I have to go to more academies now. I don’t have much spare time. I am so busy, and I want to have more spare time to play games and watch TV.

Now I am going to tell you about my new teacher. My teacher is wonderful! Is your teacher good? My teacher is very kind, she doesn’t punish us a lot. Also, she is not a boring teacher, she laughs a lot, so it is not too boring for us to study with her. (Well, it is a little boring sometimes.) My teacher has some flaws too. She gives homework almost every day. We have to write everything we learned that day. When I was in fourth grade I didn’t have to do homework every day.

I met new friends. There are many friends at school, but I have two best friends. We are always together in school: we play together, we talk to each other, and we walk together, during break time we go the library together or go outside and play together. They are my solace to survive in boring school.

My class is very playful. I love my new class, do you? Let me give you some advice. If you act politely to your friends, you will get many friends; if you listen t your teacher, the teacher will love you. Then your school life will be great! Even if you fail in school life it is okay, school is not everything. Love, friendship, and family are more important in your life. Good luck!

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