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  • Jinmo Lee (Grade 4) Apgujeong

A Person With a Time Machine


A man was walking in the forest. He was a Scientist. He wanted to make a time machine. But when he looked around and realized he was not in the trail, he was lost. Suddenly he saw a shooting star. It turned and was coming toward him. He ran and avoided the crash. He saw that the shooting star was some machine. There was a door, he went in and he was amazed by the machine. There was all sorts of buttons, dials, and levers. Most of all, there was a red and blue button.

He pressed it and the machine began to fly. There was a sudden flash of light when he went outside. There were cars that fly, people did not using phones to communicate, and they used holograms. Soon he realized the machine was a time machine, and that he was in the future. He went back to the machine using the teleporter that was attached on the time machine and went home.

He used the time machine to check it worked. He made some adjustments, for example, he put in a kitchen, bathroom, bed, a water fountain, and other things you need to live. He was ready to time travel. But before he would take his family with him, his son said to attach the house to the time machine. So he did. He made a number pad to go to the year he wanted. He wanted to see about 100 years from now, he pressed 2121, and pressed the go button.

After they made it to the future, they prepared so they would not look they were from the past. They studied the time machine to understand the future. The scientist made everything that is in the house like it is from the future. What they had from the past was antiques, so they got lots of money by selling it. They could afford to buy an amusement park that people could experience the old days. They earned a lot of money to live in the future forever.

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