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  • Sun Whang (G4) Apgujeong

The Knight and the Magician

One day, a knight was born in a small cottage, he was very poor, and his dad died. His dad was a good magician. His potion was so strong so he placed the potion in his tomb. All of the people wanted to get the potions, but they couldn’t go inside the tomb because the potion had powers. Only one person could go inside the tomb and fetch the magic potions.

On the other side of the town, there was an evil and lonely magician. He was once kind but his mom, dad, and his three children died of the plague, so he got lonely and turned evil. Now, the magician is a grandpa. He is 215 years old but he made a potion. If we eat this potion, we get younger. It had only one ingredient missing, and it was in the good knight’s father’s tomb.

The magician had to have the potion. He went to this magic lab and made 1,000,000 Dark-Powered Soldiers. He made potions they will protect him for the tomb’s potions too. On the other hand, the good knight was looking for his dad. He scoured his mouse to look through his father’s things. He finally found his father’s diary! The diary said the potion and his tomb were in ‘Perutty Island’. First, he trained himself in a mountain. Several years later, he became very strong. Now, he was curious why his father died. His mom said someone killed him. The knight wanted to revenge. He became vengeful and went to Perutty Island.

On Perutty Island, there was the bad magician. He wanted to go inside the tomb but his potion was too small but not powerful. When the bad magician appeared, the knight sprang out from the woods. “Who are you?, asked the knight. The magician recognized him. “I’m the man who killed your father!” the magician barked. Now the knight was very vengeful to kill him, but the magician was far too powerful for him. The knight went to his cottage and waited. The magician went after him. The knight suddenly went to Perutty Island, and went into the tomb.

The tomb was very dark. The knight had a torch. It became filled with light. In the tomb, it was like a castle. It had 15,669 magic potions. The knight took all the potions and went to his cottage. There was the magician, and the magician wanted to kill him. They fought. But now the knight was too strong. The Knight had a potion. If you drink this, we become better. Evil people will become good and people with a disease become healthy.

When they were fighting, the knight got the potion and forced it the magician to drink it. The magician thought ‘what a dotty head! That’s the powerful potion!’ and ate it. All of the sudden, the magician became a good magician! The magician blinked twice and became friends with the knight.

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