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  • Chris Kim (Grade 5) Gangnam

Rich Diary

2018.5.21 Monday

Hello! My name is Chris. Welcome to my book Rich Diary. First, I will explain why this book's title is Ruch Diary. This book's title is Rich Diary because I am rich! But just last week I was a beggar sitting down on the floor with my family. It is amazing, right? Now listen carefully...

Last week, on Tuesday, I was just doing my work, begging. But nobody gave me even a cent or a piece of bread. They didn't even look at me! But an old man gave me money, and he told me to buy a lottery ticket. First, I thought he was just a crazy old man, but I thought it would be amazing to get a lot of money from the lottery.

So, I bought it and got a million dollars! I didn't believe my eyes.

First, I bought a house, a car, etc.., that I dreamed of for the whole life. Now my life is totally changed. I live in a big house, and in my house, there is a swimming pool, McDonald's, KFC, a golf field, fishing zone, etc. It was just like I was dreaming.

I wanted to buy more things, but my parents said if I buy whatever I want I will be like Mr. Bunker. Mr. Bunker was rich. He was the richest in our country. But he bought whatever he wanted, and he never had a job. So, after 2 years, he spent all his money, and now he became a beggar. I met him few times. I saw him sleeping on a newspaper.

I hesitated what job I should get. First, I picked a scientist. When I was a normal person, I really liked science, and I am pretty good at it. I started working on an invention that could help people. It was going well for 1 year and 3 months. But now I am out of ideas. I made 3 inventions and many people liked it, but now some company copied my inventions and improved it.

Now I have to find a new job. I thought about it for 3 days, and finally, I became a science teacher. But other teachers said I would show off because I'm rich. Also, students didn't like me because my class was too boring.

And now I feel like I'm a loser. So, I asked my family what job would be good for me. And my sister, who is a singer, told me to write a book. Also, my younger brother, who is a soccer player, said it would be good to be a writer. That’s how I became a writer, and this is my first book. Rich Diary.

How did you feel while reading this book? I think in life I have one chance. And everyone has a chance, but someone is just playing and misses this good chance. I hope you will take your chance.

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