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  • Sun Whang (G4) Apgujeong

Mr. Pencil and the Garden Monster

There was a school named ‘Fredrick Robson elementary school’. It had a good garden. The garden was created by Mr. Fredrick himself. (He was the principal.) The school was very boring. There were very boring teachers. The students never got recess time, and they worked all the time.

So the garden got sad. The kids had to play and water the garden, but almost no one ever played in the garden. The garden got very mad and turned into a garden monster! Not just any monster, a garden monster. The garden monster shaped like a flower plus a lion. It had two slimy fangs, 32,657 small petals, 19 big petals, and 1 leg shaped like a flower stem.

So, the monster went to the school and swallowed all the teachers, except one. That teacher’s name was Mr. Pencil who was the only kind teacher at the elementary school. So, he gave the children breaks. The monster didn’t eat him, but the monster was destroying the school! Mr. Pencil was a scientist teacher. So he could make a magic potion for the garden monster.

Mr. Pencil and all the class finally made a potion! Outside, the monster was chomping at the school. Mr. Pencil and his crew got out of the school. The monster was sleeping, snoring loudly. Mr. Pencil dropped the portion into his mouth. Suddenly, the monster became a garden, and puked the teachers out. After that, the teachers always got break time to students at school and Mr. Pencil became the principal.

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