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  • JinSeok Han (Gangnam 6)

The Perfect School

To make a perfect school you need to make students happy because school is for students, and students’ happiness is the most important. Also, I think students need to learn something at school because students are going to school to learn.

If I were a school principal, I would give students a little homework because they will be busy going to academies, and if I give them a lot of homework, they will be tired. Students in my school would not study about manners because everybody knows that, so they are responsible for how they act. I would name my school ‘Perfect School’ because my school would be perfect.

In my school, there would be a big gym and a swimming pool because P.E. would be the most important subject at my school, and the reason why P.E. would be the most important subject is because doing P.E. will make kids happy and healthy.

There would be five rules in my school. ‘Play outside’ would be the first rule because playing or running inside the school is dangerous, but if it is raining or it’s really hot, they need to be in the school because they could get sick. ‘Don’t shout during the class time’ would be the second rule because shouting during the class time will interrupt the class. Third, they need to get more than 70 on the test. If their score is less than 70, then they need to stay at school and study because the test would be really easy, and the test score is showing how much they study. So, getting less than 70 means they need to study more.

This is the perfect school I think, I wish my school could be like this. be like this.

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