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  • Alex Suh (Ichon)

72 Day Survival at the Andes Mountains

In 1972, there was a horrible accident that had survivors. Their survival could be gross, but I am still going to write about it.

On October thirteenth, 1972, there was a plane that carried forty passengers from a rugby team with five crew members who were going to Santiago, Chile from Montevideo, Uruguay. The co-pilot who was in command accidentally found out that the plane was in Curico, Chile at the Andes Mountains so he descended the plane, and crashed into a mountain which made twelve casualties immediately. The plane fell on the Andes Mountains located in Argentina near the border of Chile.

At first, thirty-three people were alive, so Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay started to search for the survivors together but it was really hard because the plane’s color was the same with the snow’s one. Two weeks later after the crash, the three countries stopped searching for the survivors and on the seventeenth days, six people died left twenty-seven survivors. They were deprived of food so they had to eat the corpses. It was okay because they got permission before the owner of the bodies died. The survivors called for help but it did not work because the mountain’s height was over 3,570 meters.

Another two days passed, an avalanche came which killed eighteen people, and only nineteen survivors left alive. Among them, Nando parrado and Roberto Canessa went on a journey to find help and be rescued. They walked 24 kilometers for two days, and finally found a farmer to help them. At that time three people died at the survivors’ camp, and sixteen survivors were saved on the 72nd day since the horrible accident happened.

This is a true story, and has a documentary about it called ‘Stranded:The Andes Plane Crash!’

Today, I wrote a real story about a plane crash at the Andes Mountains caused twenty-nine casualties, and sixteen survivors who survived in the cold, empty land which had nothing to eat.

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