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  • Kathy (Jangan Branch)


Once upon a time, there lived a witch in a small town. She was a well-known astrologer who was adored by many. One day, the lord of the castle thought that the witch could get his power and control the people living in that town, so he ordered assassins to take the witch’s life. But the witch saw it coming, and she ran away. The witch thought that the mountain is a great place to hide from the malicious lord. She built a small cottage and enchanted it with the magic spell that nobody but her blood line could see.

A baby was born a long time after that. Her name was Camara. Camara was a very bright and curious girl. She had an unusual hair color, which was scarlet red. She was very close to her grandmother. Whenever Camara's parents were busy, her grandmother looked after her. Grandmother looked very young as if she was just 35 years old. Camara's favorites were her grandmother’s cinnamon bread and stories. One of them was about a witch, but she never heard the ending of it because she always fell asleep during the story telling. But Camara couldn’t forget the part about the witch who had red hair, like herself.

Camara grew older and discovered a hidden truth about her family...

One day, she was reading a book sitting next to her grandmother in a rocking chair. She noticed a quick movement outside of the window. It was the kind of bright red just like her hair. She was very curious because there were only three people she knew in this world who had the same hair color, her mom, her grandmother, and herself. Her grandmother was right next to her and her parents were out of town at the moment. Camara decided to follow the mysterious figure. When she stepped out of her house, the stranger was gone. There was a strong scent left behind, which was a mix of cinnamon and roses. She followed the smell. About 30 minutes later, she found herself on a mountain deep into the woods. There stood a small cottage in the middle of it. She carefully walked up and knocked on the door. A beautiful woman appeared after the door. She let Camara in her cottage almost right away, like she knew her from long ago.

The house was spacious and elaborated, unlike the derelict look from the outside. Oddly, the smell of it resembled Grandma’s cinnamon bread and was almost identical. The woman introduced herself as Ms. C. They quickly became friends and had a good time spending the afternoon chattering. The sun was slowly climbing down. Camara realized she needed to rush home before her grandmother could get her. Her grandmother was waiting for her in the living room. Camara apologized and told her everything about the wonderful stranger she met in the woods who interestingly was red-headed as well. However, to Camara’s surprise, her grandmother simply nodded and told her to bring her there next time she goes. The delightful whiff of cinnamon rolls from the oven reminded her of Ms. C.’s house. This had left her puzzled with hundreds of questions swirling in her head.

The next day, Camara brought her grandmother with her to the small cottage. Ms. C. and Camara’s grandmother just smiled gently at each other. Camara intuitively knew that they have known each other for a long time. And it turned out Ms. C. ran out of a town very long ago. She had to separate from her daughter and send her to a small farmland. Later her daughter, which is Camara’s grandma, was married to a farmer and had Camara's mom. Camara also found out that she was born a witch. She was happy to have all the questions answered that were in the back of her head for a while. For the first time, she felt like she was home. There was nothing more heartwarming than looking at these two amazing women who fought through harsh times to protect their family and bloodline, sitting right in front of her giggling and chattering. Then and there, a sorceress was reborn and began the journey of her spiritual adventures.

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