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  • Ella (Grade 5) Ichon Branch

What Do You Think Is The Best Quality of A Teacher?

I think a good teacher should be clever with helping students out. Also teachers should be nice and kind. Plus, they should say good words and give students confidence.

My third grade teacher, Mr. Jeongho Lee had all these qualities. He was new at my school, but he was funny in class.

As time went by, I noticed he was the best teacher I ever had. My third grade class had many rude and mean children. In the beginning of the year, I hated the class because of those students, but soon I loved it because of my teacher.

There are many reasons why I like him. First, he helped us whenever we had a hard time.

For example, he helped us when we were writing as essay. He was very happy while helping us.

Second, he gave treats. If we did something well, he often gave us candies and other snacks, too. He also let us have a party if our manners were good.

Third, he gave us confidence and encouragement. Before I met him, I did not have a lot of confidence in writing essays, but since he gave me good comments, I became confident to write everything. He often said my journals were perfect and fun to read.

I think my teacher impacted me and my classmates a lot. Therefore, after two months of meeting him, I loved going to school. There were not many homework assignments, but we had many fun activities instead.

One of my classmates who was rude and mean learned how to be nice to other students. This was a big change. My teacher did not ever scream at students, but they became kinder and nicer.

Unfortunately, now I moved to my new school, so I miss him a lot. If I have a chance, I really want to see him again. I think he is the best teacher in the world!

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