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  • Amber Joo (G6) Gangnam Branch

Molly the Mouse with Wings

There was a mouse named Molly. He had an unusually long tail. It was twice as long as others’ tails. Molly wanted to fly. Every day, he sat beside the window, looking at birds and thinking about how he wished to fly.

Molly’s house was beside a prison. The prison did not have any light. There was a little window on top of the wall, but it was covered with tree leaves. There were tons of bats in the jail. Every time Molly saw a bat, he said “Oh, how I wish I could fly. I would never want anything if I could fly.”

One day, Molly walked beside the jail to see bats. But, one of the bats pushed Molly into the jail. Molly would be safe if he could stop from falling, but his tail tied him, so he couldn’t. He got lost in the jail. He tried to find the exit, but then, he bumped into something. It was a person. The person found Molly and said he is a scientist. Molly was scared but he introduced himself. He said he wished to fly. Then, the scientist picked some sticks and leaves. Molly found some and gave them to the scientist. The scientist made Molly a pair of wings. Molly was so happy.

Molly tried the wings on. Whenever he flapped his wings, he could fly! He promised the scientist to be his friend and he flew out through the window. After that, Molly took some foods every day and went into the jail. He told the scientist some amazing stories. The scientist wasn’t lonely, and Molly’s dream came true.

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