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A Chance to Win the Lottery

A million US dollars is about 1,194,000,000 Korean won. What would you do with that kind of money? Will you spend it for yourself? Or, will you donate to charity?

There are many ways you can use a million dollars. If I won a million dollars in a lottery, I would spend it for the happiness of many people.

First, I will share the money with my loving family to make them happy. I will buy what my family wants to get since I really appreciate their affection and care for me. My family always protects me and loves me most, so now it is my turn to give my love to them. I think keeping some money only for myself is no use, we should share it with our family.

Second, I would like to buy what I need, and what my family loves. I want to get a fancy house, and my own computer. My family wants to enjoy a lot of delicious food, and travel all over the world. My family and I both want to visit Europe to see more places and different cultures. I think it is enough for me knowing how much my family will be happy about what I do for them.

Third, I will use some money to build a good society. For example, nowadays air pollution is a serious issue which makes people and animals feel uncomfortable to live. So, I will invest money to plant many trees everywhere to have clean air.

Last, I will help some students who have experiences of bullying at school. My plan is to open a special class to educate students who have bullied or have been bullied so that they can learn how terrible and serious problem is. I hope that school bullying will lessen with donation and assistance of the society.

If I have a chance to have a million US dollars by winning the lottery, I would use it to make people happier and safer.

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