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  • Sally Choi (G6) Yeoksam Branch

Dear Principals,

Hello, my name is Sally.

I’m in the 6th grade now. Today I want to tell you about our school’s rules, lunches, and class time.

First, I’ll tell you about the rules. I think “Don’t run in school” is a very good rule. When we run, we can bump into other friends. Also, “Don’t hit friends” is a helpful rule too because when this rule disappears then I’ll get hit by my friends.

But our school has BAD rules, too. “Don’t go out of the classroom at lunchtime is a really unfair rule. We don’t have anything to do when we are in the classroom! You will think we can talk or read books or play games. But we are too old to play games and we want to go out and play with other class friends.

Also, “Go to the bathroom with just two people” is not a good rule. When we want to go to the bathroom but there are already two people who have gone, we have to wait.

Lastly “Don’t wear short pants” is a horrible rule. I CAN’T understand this rule. We are too hot to wear long pants in the summer. Also, we can do much more when we wear short pants. So I think you have to change some of these rules.

Next, I’ll tell you about our lunches. Our school lunch is yummy, but it is almost the same menu every week. So you have to change the lunch into different ones every week. I’m tired of eating the same lunch for six years. We want to eat a different lunch menu every week. Also, our health is important. So we have to eat more vegetables during lunch.

Lastly, I’ll tell you about our classes. At class time when we just sit down and listen to what the teacher is talking about, it is REALLY boring. So we have to have more time for the gym. Then our school students can be healthier. Also, we get so much stress about tests. So maybe we can do one test for one book. Also, we have to go on field trips twice a month.

When you change all of these negative things in school, it will be a perfect school! Thank you for reading until the end.

From, Sally

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