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  • Jenna Ryu (G5) Apgujeong Branch

My Perspectives on Materialism

'Materialism.' This word is becoming popular these days. The reason why it is popular is because it's 'happening.' To stop materialism, I want to explain about materialism, and I want to explain about materialism's seriousness.

Preferentially, I'll introduce about materialism's meaning, etc. 'Materialism' means - a state of judging others depending on how much they own (ex. money) and the quality of objects they own. For example, 'A' prefers 'B' than 'C' because 'B' has more money, and owns a higher quality of objects.

Now here comes a question. 'Is our culture too materialistic?' Sadly, the answer is 'yes.' From the period of the Three States, there was a status system. Why is this related? Well, they are Korea's ancestral homeland. Of course, Korea is a democratic country. However, our nation carried the mind of the status system form our ancestor, and ignored poor people.

Why is materialism a problem? Actually, we don't notice people ignoring poor people in front of them. People just stare or look unkindly at them. Then, why is it a problem? It's because the people who are treated badly, in any way, can feel the treatment. They start to resent their lives, their family, or even themselves. In the worst case, they might think they are just useless creatures! And it isn't true!

'Materialism' is useless. We don't need to judge people depending on their property, but their personalities.

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