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  • Kate Han (G5) Bangbae Branch

Kate's Story

“Hey is anybody there?” she shouted.

“I’m stuck!” she shouted again.

She wanted to stay in the dream but suddenly she couldn’t get out.

“Help!” she kept shouting but it echoed everywhere with no reply.

“How can I get out of this dream?” she thought.

She was a cat called Lilly. She could go inside any animal’s dream when she fell asleep. It was her special power. She didn’t remember when she began to have these powers and where they came from but she thought her power came from her magenta pink eyes. Her owner always told everyone it was so special that there was a magenta pink eyed cat in the world and that she was lucky to be Lilly’s owner.

Lilly lived in a white and clean place full of animals in each room. But these animals changed every few days because their owners came back to get them. Sometimes their owners would come back after a month. Lilly could see they had a colored ribbon on their leg.

One day she made a friend called Maku. He was a guinea pig. He was very healthy when they first met. Maku always waited for his owners to come take him home. But soon he began to lose hope. He wasn’t the same healthy Maku. He always lay down so he almost always got stepped on by the other animals. So Lilly went inside his dream but there was nothing there.

She walked and walked in his dream. That’s how she got stuck there. After shouting for help, she got tired, so she lay down. The ground felt like Maku’s soft and brown fur. A few minutes later there was a sound echoing somewhere. She listened to the sound. It sounded like Maku running around. Lilly stood up and ran to the place as fast as she could. The place she found was Maku’s room in the white and clean place she lived in.

She saw Maku’s water and food plate and some strings. Inside the string there was some yellow water called Lingers.

“It’s very small in here.” Lilly thought. She sniffed the blanket Maku used. It was a long time she last saw him.

“It smells like pills.” She said. Then she stood back up and there he was!

“Maku!” Lilly shouted. Lilly walked through the white walls and stopped in front of him.

“Where have you gone? Why are you looking so sad?” asked Lilly.

Lilly was so curious about Maku and so she asked him many questions. But he didn’t answer.

He kept on walking through the hallways. Lilly followed him, but she couldn’t catch up to him. Then she ran besides him so their paws were almost touching.

While walking paw to paw, Maku kept running towards the place that kept getting whiter and whiter.

Soon Lilly couldn’t see him. Tears were falling on her cheeks. When she walked a little more, there was a forget-me-not flower made of Maku’s fur.

She woke up and looked at Maku. He didn’t move. When she put her paw on him, his body was frozen like ice. He was dead. Lilly was stunned. Now she knew the meaning of Maku’s dream. She cried.

Soon her owners came and took Maku away. They came back with a box. Inside it Maku was lying peacefully. He looked like he was sleeping surrounded by pretty flowers.

Lilly said goodbye to him and closed her eyes.

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