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  • Ryan Kim (G4) Ichon Branch


One day, I was going to my academy. I took the elevator and went to the 4th floor. It should have been my academy, but it was a maze. I wanted to go back down, but the elevator was locked. So, I just went inside the maze. I was so scared. The maze was never-ending, so I just went into one room and I saw a sunset. I had to sleep now, but I could not. I reached out to my phone to call my mom, but my phone was out of battery. Then, I finally woke up. I thought it was real, but it was a dream. I was relieved.

Like this, have you ever had nightmares? It was a dream, but I thought it was real. I was so scared, and I was curious, ‘What causes nightmares?’ I found out stress and disabled sleep cause nightmares. Work may cause stress and using a smartphone or a computer until late at night may bring disabled sleep. It is a big problem, so we should try our best to prevent nightmares.

Also, did you know some people say that dreams are like psychics? I heard about it in Korea. If we do Taekwondo in dreams, it means that we should do hard work or if we see pigs in dreams, we will get rich. However, when I had a nightmare, nothing special happened to me. Therefore, even though there are some people who say things about dreams, I think they are fake.

As I mentioned above, most people have nightmares and I have them, too. I hope you read this essay carefully, so you will be aware of what causes nightmares and how to prevent them.

Thank you and sweet dreams!

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