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[Best Book Review] The Great Gatsby: Revenge, Revenge, and Death

Nick was a gentleman. He had a fine job and appearance. However, he experienced a bloody tragedy. This was because of crime, murder, and even a misunderstanding. I want to explain the reason of this fight and each characters’ perspective. Plus I will describe my viewpoint of this story.

I can explain some important events that caused this tragedy. It started in the past before the main characters, Daisy and Tom, got married. A man named Gatsby and Daisy loved each other. There wasn’t any problem. However, Daisy began to consider between Tom and Gatsby after Gatsby went to war. When I understood that Daisy just wanted money from Tom, I was horrified and felt disgusted with her. Then, I was shocked again when Daisy, Tom, and a woman named Mrs. Wilson were all cheating on each other even though they had a wife or husband. These events all caused revenge and killed Mrs. Wilson and Gatsby. It also made Mr. Wilson into a madman after his wife died.

I understand the feelings of those characters. I also feel bad about some characters because they all made mistakes and were guilty of their crimes. However, I’ll say that all of them got punished even though some of them deserved it and some didn’t.

Lastly, I want to discuss about Nick and Gatsby. Nick was involved in this event, but I think he was the only one who I can say was innocent. Nick made an effort to stop those crimes, but usually it was too late. After reading this book, I had a question: Was Gatsby just a neighbor to Nick? At the beginning of the story Nick didn’t know much about Gatsby even though he lived right next door. However, in the end, Nick acted like he was a very close friend at Gatsby’s funeral.

I don’t judge the characters, and I won’t. As this book had a very complicated relationship between characters, I can’t say anything good or bad about those characters. I think most people in our world are these types of people. We can’t really judge people and say that they are just good or bad.

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