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My Favorite Restaurant

I have visited many kinds of restaurants during my past 12 years, and I'd like to introduce you to my favorite place.

The name of this place is ‘Mountain, Field, Ocean' (which is the literal translation). The name also includes the meaning 'food from nature'. It's located in several different places, and one of them is in Seoul, Gangnam, Yangjae-dong. There are subways and buses that go near it, so it is easy to get to. It's opened every day from 11:30 am to 21:30 pm (Last order is taken at 20:30 pm).

The main menu is the original Korean table, which costs 17,000₩. It includes hot pot rice and 23 different kinds of side dishes! The side dishes include grilled fish, japchae, steamed eggs, herbs, ssam, pan-fried delicacies, soy sauce marinated crab, soup, etc. which is an unlimited supply of foods! Also, you can add the side menus, such as bulgogi, if you want. The side menus cost between 10,000₩ and 17,000₩. You might feel the price is high, but the variety of dishes and the flavor will make you think it's cost-effective. There will be desserts too, which are season fruits!

There is a mixture of Korean and modern styles! The waiters and waitresses are very kind, and it's very clean indoors. The time between 12:00 and 13:00 is the most populated time. However, one sad thing is that you cannot visit alone; only two or more people can visit.

In conclusion, I recommend you this restaurant if you like Korean meals. I believe that you'll visit again after visiting once!

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