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  • Kate Han (G6) Bangbae Branch

Frothy Coffee

There is a big trend starting from Korea. It’s…Frothy Coffee!

Some people would be curious. “What is Frothy Coffee?” “What would it be?” It’s a dessert drink from Macao. Korean people call this “Dalgona Coffee” because the coffee cream looks like dalgona (Korean Candy). The people from the English speaking countries call it Frothy Coffee because of the recipe.

Now, there would be new questions such as, “Why did it get started as a trend?” It became famous after it was shown on a Korean TV program called “Convenient Restaurant”. People were bored at home. They started making it since they couldn’t go outside due to COVID-19. It attracted people by its pretty shape and the hard work when making it.

Isn’t it interesting? Don’t you want to know about the recipe? Okay! I’ll tell you how to make Frothy Coffee. First, you need instant coffee, sugar, hot water, milk, and a spoon and a bowl. Then, you put in the ingredients. Second, put the coffee, sugar, and hot water in 1:2:1 ratio in the bowl. After that, mix it as much as you can until the cream can’t fall down when you flip the bowl up-side-down. This is why they call it “mixing-400-times dalgona coffee”. I can give you one tip. After you melt the sugar and coffee, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes and mix it again! If you do this many times, it will be easy to make it!

If you are done making it, put in on top of the fresh milk and enjoy by tasting it! I made it and the coffee tasted very delicious! The “teamwork” of the cream and milk was awesome! I hope you can make it one day!

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