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  • Jenna Ryu (G6) Apgujeong

A Review on ‘Anne with an E’

Do you like movies or dramas? I love them. I want to recommend you my favorite drama, ‘Anne with an E.’

‘Anne with an E’ is a drama from CBC, which was aired between 2017 and 2019. It was divided into 3 seasons. It is based on the original book, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, but the movie includes more events. The plot is based in the 19th century. It’s acted by many actors and actresses including Amybeth McNulty, Lucas Jade Zuman, Dalila Bella, R.H. Tomsan, and Geraldine James.

Season 1 involves most of the events from the book. It includes the process of Anne’s adoption, becoming friends with Diana, and getting used to school. In Season 2, many scenes are related to the 19th century’s situations, such as sexism, racial discrimination, and gold. Lastly, Season 3, which is my favorite season, is about family and the kids’ future. Many risks and brilliant solutions are included, which make the drama more exciting.

I strongly recommend this drama – you can watch it on Netflix – the actors’ and actresses’ acting ability helps you to get more immersed. Also, we can learn more specific events than the book. The most positive points of this drama are that we can find out the growth of kids, especially Anne, the love between a person and a person, a family and a family, and the risks which helped them to improve. I wish that you watch this drama, too!

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