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  • Danny Yang (G6) Apgujeong

How COVID-19 affected my school Life

Do you have any differences between last year and this year at school? I think all the students have at least some differences. Because they have new classes, they have new teachers and classmates. However, I have enormous differences between last year and this year. I think other students are experiencing the same differences too. It’s because I don’t go to school, so the school schedule has changed, and teachers are checking the homework differently.

First, I’m not going to school these days. In Korea, all schools were supposed to start new grades on March 2, but this year, they’re not because of COVID-19. COVID-19 is a serious virus that is making the world chaotic. As a result, school has chosen to have classes online because it could be dangerous if students went to school. I’m having classes on my devices. I watch videos or use Zoom to have classes online.

Second, the school schedule has changed because of online classes. I used to have 80-minute classes four times a day at school, but now, I’m having 40-minute classes 6 times a day. I think break time got much longer due to this, but I just want to go back to school.

Lastly, teachers are checking homework differently. Last year, teachers checked when we brought homework to school. But nowadays, teachers check homework when we upload the homework online by taking pictures of it. Some homework is done on paper, but for some of them, we type or answer quizzes online.

These are some of the enormous differences many students and I are experiencing in 2020. I’m having a special time because of COVID-19. Still, I want to go back to school and meet my friends and teachers!

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