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What I Would Do with A Million Dollars

Imagine yourself, winning a million dollars in the lottery. What would you do with it? Buy something you want or save some of it? Well, I am going to tell you what I would do with a million dollars!

First of all, I will buy a Maltese-a baby one. Also, I will buy its house, food, snacks, toys, bowel pads, shampoo, and brush. I had always wanted to buy my own dog, so it’s a good way to spend my money. What will I do with the things I buy? I will train my dog to give its paws or make it play dead when I say, “Bang!” I will give my dog a snack when it does what I want-this is my way of training a dog! Also, I will play with my dog using the toys I bought. I will ask my Maltese to catch when I throw them.

Second, I will buy some cosmetics for my sister. She likes to wear her make-up. When I buy them for her, she will be happy. I will buy some clothes for my mother, too. She doesn’t have that many clothes, so I want her to have more. She will be pleased when she sees my presents. Also, I can buy some T-shirts for my father. I actually want to buy a car for him because he has always wanted it, but it’s too expensive. So instead, I choose something that my father needs to have, but also something cheap-T-shirts! For my grandpas and grandmas, I will buy two sets of teacups. They all like to drink tea. So, I’d be happy to give those to my grandparents. It makes me happy to imagine giving those things to my family members.

Next, I will save two million won of the remaining money to be put in the bank. It might help me and my family in the future. Since I can’t use all of one million dollars, I will save some of it. Maybe in the future, I would thank myself for what I have done in the past!

Another thing I want to buy is Tteokbokki! I really like Tteokbokki that is sold in my regular restaurant. It is spicy and sweet at the same time. Mostly, it’s really yummy! So, I want to buy a lot of it with my money.

In conclusion, these are the things I want to buy with a million dollars. I also want to save some in the bank. Imagining that I had a million dollars was fun, but I realized something important. Money can make people selfish when they have a lot of it. So, I want to say that even if I have a lot of money, I should be careful not to be selfish or greedy. And I need to save some, too!

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