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If I Won a Million Dollars ...

Have you ever thought of winning a million dollars in the lottery? If I won a million dollars in the lottery, I will build a tree house just for me. Having a tree house is one of my bucket lists. In my tree house, there should be a water park, a playground, and a movie theater. All of them are my favorite places. Therefore, I can enjoy all of my hobbies in my house. It would be great!

My water park needs to have an extremely long slide. The longer the better! Plus, I need the water park to be enormous. I want to invite my friends and family to play with. Also, having a lot of tunnels would be helpful to play more happily. If I have a water tunnel, I can play hide-and-seek and have more fun. If my friends or family are tired, they can sit down inside of it and rest there. Lastly, I have to mention that I need a locker room. We all need to take a shower before and after playing in the water park. Also, we can change clothes.

I was always hoping to have a playground that children make. There aren’t any rules inside. As I already said there is only equipment ready for children and they use to make the playground. There are all kinds of equipment like ropes, chairs, cushions, and tires. There is a comfy ground, so nobody would get seriously injured. Accidents could always happen nowadays, so there are first-aid kits ready where everybody can see it. It is all right to scream, jump, run, and do everything you want! All of you like freedom, don’t you?

Lastly, I sincerely want a movie theater in my tree house. There will be some comfy chairs and big screens. When I sit for a long time, my hips are very itchy and aching. So that is why I need some comfy chairs. To see the movie well, I need a big TV screen. Nowadays technologies have improved a lot, so it is easy to have one of them. A movie theater’s popcorn and sodas are very important. All the popcorn and sodas are free for my family and friends. Also, there are no rules even in the movie theater.

To conclude, if I won a million dollars, I would make a tree house just for me. It would have a water park, a playground, and a movie theater. Thinking about what to do with the money would be a great way to spend time happily. It is a good topic to discuss with your family and friends too. Have some fun!

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