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  • Minjoon Kim (Apgujeong)

Travel Through the Time Slopes

“What is time?” Some people think of it like space while others think there is no such thing as “time”. But, this man, Karl Leafwood, thought of it as a map. So, here’s the theory; there is a great mountain with a lot of slopes. The top part of the slopes is called the ‘past’. There are lots of ways to go down the slopes and they’re called “options”. At the end of the ‘options’, you can find another ‘past’’. The mountain is very gigantic, of course. How do people explain these? They made a map called ‘time’. Time changes a lot and those changes depend on which ‘options’ you choose. The time machine is a navigation.

“Well, I guess the news script is ready!” Dr. Leafwood said. He hit the button and the machine began to rumble with a flash which led him to the past. Yes, he was in the day where he introduced his theory and the prototype. He saw himself disappear into time with the prototype.

“Wait” he said, “I never… did that.”

Yes, he never used the prototype. He was eager to, sure, but he only showed it. He started to go down to the different time slope and at last, he found himself in the middle of a war. This looked like the future because everyone was holding shock-guns. Also, it looked like he was stunned. He waited. He couldn’t do anything in the war, right? Or could he? His thoughts swirled around like a paradox. What should he do? Suddenly, the red side changed to the other side, and the armies moved away. He found himself injured by the shock-guns, but what now? Suddenly he noticed the phone booth – or a medical booth. Inside, there was a bed. A hologram appeared. “Please put the patient on the bed. We, Cark Medicals, will do our best.”

A minute later, the hologram said, “it’s done. He’s fine, but he’ll have some memory losses.”

A commercial appeared. The doppelgangers returned to the place of introduction speech that Dr. Leefwood was holding. Dr. Leefwood from the future put himself who was fainted into his bed, and finished his speech instead.

“Well,” he said, “I did a good job!”

The End.

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