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Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars?

Congratulations! You won a million dollars in the lottery. What would you do if you heard this news? If I were you, I would buy what I want, travel to three countries, and pay all my parents’ debt. So, let me tell you more about my plans.

First, I will buy three things with the money. It is one of my bucket lists to fill a room with cages and lizards in it. But among many reptiles, I would buy blue tree monitors. They look sharp, and their color is blue. Their color just keeps me thinking about these lizards. The blue tree monitors live in Indonesia. They grow up to 1.1 meters, which isn’t that big for monitor lizards. They eat insects, mice, eggs, and even berries. They live on trees and their price is 13,000,000 Korean won, which is a lot for me. Also, I will buy my parents a car. They will choose which car they’re going to buy, or I’ll surprise them when I ask them what they want to buy. They would be happy about it. It’s not what I earned, so I might feel pretty awkward to say I will buy it.

Next, I will travel to three countries, Australia, Thailand, and Greece. First, my family and I will go to Rottnest Island, Sydney Opera House, and Blue Mountain in Australia. On Rottnest Island, we will take a family picture with a cute animal Quokka. At the Opera House, we will take pictures. We have once taken a picture of it on a boat and it’ll be different this time since we are older. Also, we would go to Blue Mountain where there are beautiful trees and shapes of rocks. Second, we will go to Thailand where it is known for delicious foods. My family will eat tom yum goong, spicy green papaya salad, chicken coconut soup, red curry, Thai style fried noodles, fried rice, and stir-fried basil and pork. I’m looking forward to eating them. Lastly, we will go to Greece where there are white colored houses in a quiet town to relax. And we will eat healthy foods like olives and salmons. I like salmons more than other fish.

The last thing I’ll do is pay all my parents’ debt. The reason why I’m going to pay their debt is that my parents have debt by having my sister and me go to academies and do other activities. Also, when we travel to other countries, they won’t worry about money then.

So, I would buy lizards, blue tree monitors, and buy my parents a good car. Also, we will travel to Australia, Greece, and Thailand. We will take pictures, see beautiful nature, and eat delicious foods. Also, I will pay all my parents’ debt. I hope I win a million dollars in the lottery to make my family and me happy.

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