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  • Emily Yoon (G5) Ichon Branch

The Life Between Life and Death

“Beep,,,beep,,,beep,,,pee..” The doctor said that I am dead, “I feel so sorry, but unfortunately your daughter Jennifer is dead.” After he said that, my family was silent for a while. They seemed like they’re dead. They gaped at the doctor and cried a lot. And I saw my body unable to breathe and my body became too cold. That was the last day of my life.

When I woke up, I was in a different place. It was not at home, not at the hospital, not wherever I knew. It was just a white place with one store named “B.L.D” I didn’t really know what it was, so I tried to think about why I died. I was just on my way back home after school ended and somebody pushed me to the road. Unfortunately, that moment, there was a big truck driving fast toward me, and I died. I truly was not supposed to die, so I had to find the one who made it happen. I was thinking about the reason why I had to die, and there was someone coming out from the store ‘B.L.D’ and walked to me.

“Hello! Nice to meet you, I am Jennifer the receptionist of the B.L.D., oh by the way, B.L.D. means ‘Between Life and Death’, and here is the place where people who are not completely dead but not alive stay. It is like a between area of life, where you wander.”

I was very surprised, so I gasped, looked at her and said, “Are you Jennifer? I am, too! And you said I am not dead yet?” She smiled at me. “Oh, it’s good to see you, and yes, you are not really dead.”

“I was glad to meet someone whose name is same as mine, and you look familiar to…”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you a big difference between here and where you’d lived before, it is about time. The time in B.L.D. goes faster than a world you were in, and your family will come a year later, so don’t worry.”

So, I was happy that I am no longer alone, I have a new friend Jennifer, and soon my family will come. But the problem was the receptionist Jennifer looked pale and she seemed that she is going to vomit.

“I am sorry, Jennifer.” she said and cried. “What do you mean? “I asked her.

“You will never forgive me, Jennifer, but I had to say that I was the one who killed you by pushing you on the road.” She said and I was so shocked.

“How did you do this to me? Why? I screamed at her.

“I had to do because I am your future Jennifer and you are the past one, but if you become an adult, the future Jennifer will die, and to save my life we had to meet each other once.”

“So that’s why you killed me to save both of our lives, now I could understand your decision. Then, can we get back together?” I asked her.

“Sure, we could turn back time before you died.” She said and asked me to walk forward quietly. The moment I was walking to her, there was a bright light shining us and we became one.

And that was the time I realized that past and future don’t exist with the same relevant situation, but it could lead up to harmony between life and death.

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