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The United Koreas

Do you want the two Koreas to unite? Some people are against them uniting. They think they have to pay more taxes if North and South Korea unite and help with the development of North Korea. Also, who would be president? Would the country have a democratic or communist form of government? Can North and South Korea be more developed than now? There are a lot of these questions from people who do not agree and those who don’t care that the two Koreas unite. However, I think North and South Korea should be united as quickly as possible. If the two Koreas unite, there would be a lot of economical benefits and families would unite.

Why would it be good for Koreans if separated families reunite? They couldn’t contact each other for 70 years and they couldn’t meet. If they meet again, they would be happy. But what’s the benefit for most Koreans? The good thing for them is they can know and learn the history of June 25 was and learn that this can’t happen again by listening to separated families about how they felt and how awful the Korean War was. So people shouldn’t repeat history by having wars.

What is the economical benefit? Do you know how beautiful the nature of North Korea is? I heard that the view of Mount Kumgang is very beautiful. Also, there is more to see. Therefore, if the two Koreas unite, the tourism industry could develop domestically by having tours for tourists. Also, the population of Korea would be one hundred people if the two Koreas unite. Japan doesn’t export a lot because there are a lot of people living and spending their money. So a united Korea’s economy would be developed by people spending more money. People can also travel from South Korea to Europe by spending a little bit of money on train tickets. South Korea pays a lot of money to pass through North Korea’s sky. But by uniting, Koreans can reduce the amount of money they spend by traveling on a train or an airplane.

Lastly, for Korea’s economic development, the two Koreas can combine their resources. South Korea is one of the countries that have great technologies and the amount of North Korea’s mineral resources is the Top 8 in the world. That can help in developing the economy of both Koreas. North Korea isn’t very developed and South Korea has almost no mineral resources. Also, South Korea is buying and getting goods from other countries. South Korea pays more money to buy and borrow goods because the Korean War hasn’t exactly ended. Both Koreas agreed to a ceasefire, so buying and borrowing resources can be dangerous for other countries. Thus, South Korea has to pay more for resources.

To conclude, I believe uniting is very important to South and North Korea. They can develop their economy safely and save a lot of money. Each country will benefit domestically and internationally.

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