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  • Lucy Eun (G5) Bangbae Branch

Life in the Future

Have you ever thought of living in the future? Do you think it would only be fun and exciting? I think it could be scary or maybe even horrible. It could still be enjoyable, but I predict that it won’t be. Here is why I am saying this.

Did you ever hear about global warming? Global warming is a phenomenon in which the average temperature of the Earth rises due to environmental destruction. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide move up and surround the Earth. Then, it stops the heat from the atmosphere to escape to space. This makes the average temperature of the Earth rise. Global warming can be worse in the future than how it is right now. And this can be the first tragedy that people may face in the future.

There are more problems that global warming can cause. If you like to eat chocolate, this could be bad news. It’s because chocolate production comes from cacao plantations grown by farmers around the world. However, if global warming continues, cacao, a sensitive plant with high temperature, may have a decrease in its production as there is more heat. So, we might not be able to eat chocolate if global warming gets worse in the future. Similarly, we won’t be able to enjoy having plant-based products.

For the second disaster, many scientists are paying a lot of attention toward developing robots. But some people are thinking that too much development will cause some problems in people’s lives. If the technology of making robots advances, it can make these machines become geniuses, smarter than normal people. Then these robots can think of being the masters of people, not being mastered by people. In the end, robots may monopolize the human world. It would be just like the movie Terminator.

For the good news, there are some solutions to the problems of global warming and robots. The simplest way to help put an end to global warming is this-instead of riding a car, use public transport or ride a bike. The best way is to walk. And I think it would be better to use items that can last longer than disposable items. For example, you can stay away from using paper cups or plates. You can also stop buying plastic bottles. I suggest the scientists study how to safely develop robots. For instance, one can program the robots to stop working if they are not used to benefit humans. Maybe you could help by trying to walk instead of riding a car or finding out more about how to safely develop robots. That will help to make a better future.

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