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  • Angelina Cho (G6) Bangbae Branch


Do you like cats? If you don’t like them, I will show you how lovely they are. You will see the amazing skills that cats have. We can understand them through their behavior. Cats are unique animals that are interesting.

Cats are species originating from the African wildcat. They have long been loved as companions—animals raised by humans. In Egypt, people treated cats as a god, too. In Vietnam and Thailand, cats are one of the Zodiac symbols instead of a rabbit. People also believe that cats are fine when they fall down from high places because they have nine lives.

Cats are divided into long, medium, and short hair types. My favorites are short-haired breeds such as Korean Shorthair. When cats fight or climb the trees, they use their claws to scratch or grab some things tightly. Cats have many skills as well. They raise their tails forward to hold the center of their bodies when jumping to a high place. Also, they can pass through any space if their head can enter.

There are many interesting behaviors cats have. First of all, they eat small animals such as insects, birds, and rodents. But some foods like chocolate, grapes, and onions could be dangerous for cats. Second, cats conserve energy by sleeping more than other animals. They usually sleep from 12 to 16 hours a day. Third, cats clean their body by licking the fur with their tongue, which is called “grooming”. Next, cats express their mood by making sounds such as meowing, groaning, growling, and grunting. At last, they have a highly developed sense of hearing, sight, taste, and touch. That’s why cats can find little creatures easily.

Cats are fascinating animals that show many different kills and behavior. I wish for you to be a cat lover like me. If you want to have some or are already taking care of one, you have to be careful about some foods that cats can’t eat. Also, you can choose your own cat because there are so many different types. There are Munchkin, Persian, Turkish Angora, and so many more. You can pick the cat you want!


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