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  • Chloe Lee (G7) Apgujeong

A Longer Summer Vacation for Students

Have you ever felt that your summer vacation is too short? I’ve had those kinds of thoughts for the past seven years when I wished that summer vacation lasted for three months as it does in other parts of the world. Now, I think it shouldn’t only be my wish. Three months of summer vacation will bring us a lot of benefits, which is the reason that I wish for it.

The first reason that I wish for a longer summer vacation is because of the weather. As I have experienced, studying in hot weather is the worst. It makes students get tired. It even causes adverse effects and prevents students from studying. It will be just a waste of time to make students study in hot weather. I’m sure that studying freely in a cool home would help them more.

The second reason that school vacation should last over three months, I would say it will help students. It would give them time to prepare for the new semester. If kids prepare and study well for the new semester, it will make their scores higher. Also, during the vacation, academies in Korea usually make students study hard. Even if their academies are not tight, most parents want their kids to study more during their free time, so they send them to summer camp. Those kinds of agencies will hold their learning.

Lastly, a long vacation is good for a town economy. If vacation lasts longer than before, kids will spend most of their time in town. It will bring a big benefit to their town’s economy.


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