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  • Ivy Lee (G6) Ichon Branch

A Strength Cookie for Someone Who Needs It

People in this world lose their courage every day for various reasons. I think I need bravery because I am not brave. For example, I can’t sleep when I see something scary, so sometimes I feel like a boost will help me get by. The strength cookie that I am going to make can give everyone bravery which is helpful to sleep or make friends.

Step one.

There are some ingredients for strength cookies. Flour, sugar, milk, butter, eggs, and any topping you want (I will use chocolate chips which are my favorite!) and the most important ingredient is a mixture of bravery that you can find from deep down in your heart.

Step two.

Let’s make some cookie dough first. Put three cups of flour, two eggs and pour 300 ml of milk, then mix them up altogether. The dough must be a little lumpy, so put a slice of butter and toppings you want like chocolate chips or nuts, also you can add food coloring with different flavors.

Step three.

Now here is a problem. How can you put bravery mixture deep down in your heart? You can’t force the courage out of your body. So, I will tell you the easiest way to make it done.

Blow a wind from your mouth to the dough with your heart and think you are the bravest person in the world! Next, you can make a shape of your cookie with a cookie cutter or just using your hands. (My favorite character is Harry Potter so I will try its shape.) Then bake the cookies in the oven at 180 degrees. You need to wait for 20 minutes, but if you think it is too long or boring, I recommend that you imagine the moment you have the first bite of the delicious strength cookie. Then you will be happy for 20 minutes. Now let’s take out the cookie from the oven. It smells like the warmth of Christmas and the scent already seems to enhance my courage.

I think this is the best cookie I have ever tasted, and I feel like the courage deep in my heart is now coming out!

I really want to share my cookies with my family and friends who need bravery and hope they have the same feeling that I had. Try making some strength cookies when you want to strengthen yourself, and you will find yourself more courageous!


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