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  • James Yu (Daechi)

Aloha Hawaii

I can still remember my first trip to Hawaii. My mom told us about it two days before we went there and it was unfortunate that my father could not join us as well, since he had to work. It’s too bad he couldn’t make it. So, mom told us to sleep early because we had to catch an early flight to Hawaii. I felt so excited because it was my first trip to another country.

Once we arrived and landed at Kahului Airport, I felt a big difference from the Korean airport. There were a lot of differences. First, the Korean airports don’t open their windows, but in Hawaii, they let birds come inside and people there do not avoid them. Even birds like pigeons come in and are given pieces of bread. People did not emerge on their phones or any other screens. Children played with each other even though they didn’t know one another at all. My brother and I felt a bit embarrassed since we were the only kids playing phone games or watching videos. Another thing is, that most people looked relaxed and happy, they looked much different than Korean people.

After we got out of the airport, we went outside and it was so beautiful. It looked like a small rainforest without large animals. We rented a car and headed to our hotel. There were so many shops, plants, and big trees everywhere on our way, I was excited to play all day outside. Our hotel room wasn’t that large but it was enough for my brother and me to run and play, we could also see the beach from our windows. However, at that point, we were too tired and decided to sleep for the rest of the day.

We stayed in Hawaii for eight beautiful days, On the first day, we explored our hotel and went to the beach where I built a small sandcastle with my brother We played at the beach for five hours, we were having so much that we didn’t even notice time passing by so quickly until we felt hungry and tired and decided to go back During the night, Hawaii was pretty chilly, unlike day time.

A couple of days later, we went on a one-day volcano tour, where we got to watch an actual volcano erupting which was really exciting and terrifying at the same time. However, the most memorable moment in Hawaii was not the volcano tour, it was when we went to a local market in hopes of finding fresh Hawaiian fruits but some of the fruits we found were actually rotten.

On our last day in Hawaii, it was time for us to check out of the hotel and we went ahead to do a little shopping. We bought some toys and snacks, and we went to the beach one last time. I didn’t want to leave that beautiful place even though I stayed there for over a week with my family. I felt like I didn’t explore Hawaii fully and regretted spending more than two days at the beach instead of doing something else. My mom did tell us to explore more but I refused at that time.

Next time I go to Hawaii, I will make sure to go there with my father and not spend a lot of time at the beach. I would like to explore somewhere new and amazing. Even though this trip was fun, there are still more things I regret not doing. So, I will never ever make the same mistake when I go there again. Aloha HAWAII!


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