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  • Hermione Kim (G6) Bangbae Branch

Among Us

Do you play online games? Because of Covid-19, people play many games to spend their time. There’s a good game named “Among Us” that I recommend. This is an online mafia game in a spaceship that can be played by 4 to 10 people. So today, I will explain to you about Among Us.

When we start the game, there are 1 to 3 “imposters,” and the rest are “crewmates” (A crewmate is just a normal person). Imposters need to kill the crewmates in secret, and crewmates need to complete the missions they have. When we see the dead body of a crewmate, we can report to everyone on the server. We can talk to other people about who the imposter is, and we can vote for the suspected imposter. Imposters can use a “vent” to go to the other parts of the spaceship faster, and they can use “sabotage,” a skill to interrupt crewmates from coming out of missions. Everyone can check on CCTV in the CCTV room to see what the others are doing. When we see someone killing other people, we can click on the emergency button to say who the imposter is. Crewmates can win when they complete every mission of finding every imposter. Imposters can win if they kill every crewmate.

We can also play hide-and-seek in Among Us. We need to adjust the speed of movement and reduce the imposter’s sight. When we start the game, the imposter needs to use the vent to show that he or she is an imposter. Imposters cannot use the sabotage, CCTV, and map. Also, we can’t report the dead bodies because we already know who the imposter is. Imposters need to kill crewmates, and a crewmate needs to complete every mission like the general rule in Among Us. People play this hide-and-seek because they want to play different kinds of games.

In present times, many people in the world play Among Us. I think the reason why this game is so popular is Covid-19. Because of this virus, people are unable to have social gatherings outside, but they get to meet other people through this game. We can have conversations with many people in Among Us. Also, many popular YouTubers play this game. A lot of people like to play or buy this game because the celebrities are playing it.

I like Among Us. I like to join the game with many people. I invite you to join and enjoy this game right now!


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