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  • Paul Lee (G6) Daechi

Are you Materialistic?

Materialism is a heavy word for many people especially my age. However, it is familiar to almost everybody. Korean culture seems to revolve around getting rich. It is basically a consumer society where people follow trends and buy things only to show off. And sometimes, it feels like people are controlled by advertisements that are pushing them to be more consuming and materialistic.

Many people might think that they’re not materialistic, but almost all people are materialistic. Do you earn money to make you rich or have you ever thought of any trendy item with no idea and only to show that you bought the item? Being materialistic is using or thinking about money too much more than you need. A little showing-off is okay, but if you use or earn money to be rich, it’s being greedy.

Humans need to be materialistic to survive, but if you want to be less materialistic, do not think that money is everything and only work to earn money and be rich. You should live for yourself first.

Materialism is not only buying and showing off, it can also be seen in advertisements, public places, social media, and our private lives.

In conclusion, I think these days, people are being very materialistic. To not be materialistic, do not work only to show that you’re rich, and do not buy stuff in a way to just follow trends! Instead, use money as a tool to help you be a better person for yourself, your family, and our world.


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