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  • Richard Jang (G7) Bangbae

Basketball: An Interesting Sport

Do you like playing basketball? Basketball is a sport that is famous all over the world. Many people enjoy playing this sport with their friends as a hobby. Also, people like to watch professional basketball players in games on TV. I strongly think basketball is a fun and interesting sport because of its cool history and important rules.

Basketball has a special history. In 1891, a teacher in YMCA (International Young Men’s Christian Association) named James Naismith invented the basketball game. Mr. Naismith was given an order from the headmaster to make an activity that would keep the students from being lazy and fat during winter. First, he used a peach basket and a soccer ball. When people first played this sport, they loved and enjoyed it greatly. From then, basketball became popular in the 20th century. In 1946, the National Basketball Association (NBA) was formed, and this sport became very well-known. Later, it turned into a “culture sport”-almost becoming a culture.

According to NBA, there are many important and strict rules to follow in basketball. In the game, there are two teams with five players each. The teams need to throw them all and put them in the net to score, but scoring is not easy. You have to dribble while the defenders try to steal your ball. If you catch it with two hands, you can only move three steps and shoot or pass in 24 seconds. Also, the defending players cannot interfere with a shot on a downward trajectory. If they push a person while shooting, their team gets a foul. When they defend, they need to leave the paint in 3 seconds. The ball always has to stay inbounds, too. If these rules are not followed, the players get fouls. It is really hard to score with all these rules!

In 130 years of basketball history, some legendary players are well-known to be the best. Michael Jordan is recognized as the greatest basketball player of all time. He was an awesome shooting guar. He has nicknames like “Air Jordan” and “Your Airness” due to his leaping ability. His high jumping is called a gift. Because of this, Jordan was great for slam dunks. In NBA, Jordan played 15 seasons with Chicago Bulls and won 6 championships. He also received many awards such as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award, 9 All-Defense Award, and the Player of the Year. Now, Jordan is retired and working as a coach, training other players.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports which contains a long history of 130 years. The sport started as a game. It started to grow bigger and bigger to become a famous sport that has a national association and TV programs that show professional players. There are great and amazing players such as Michael Jordan. This is why I think basketball is a nice sport for everyone to enjoy and will stay this way forever.


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