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Dear Diary

Hello, there! My mom just bought me this diary at target. It has a picture of Selena Gomes on it! My favorite celebrity. In this diary, I am going to go into detail about my school life. Wee, okay!

My name is Mckenzie Rose Cruz. I am 12 years old, currently in middle school. I live in Los Angeles. My mom and my dad are divorced. I have a little sister named Mckenna and an older brother named Brent who is in university.

I have trouble making friends at school because I have s introverted personality. I am one of those people where I can’t even order something on the PHONE!!!

I am really good at math, science, art, and sports. I am pretty good at almost everything!!! Even though I love playing I HATE that I am told as a nerd. I don’t wear glasses!!! Aahhhhhh!!!!

I have lots of kids my age who always bully me. Luckily, I have 2 best friends named Judy Johansan, and Charlie Demelio. I first met them when they both came up to me. When I was eating lunch all by myself. I guess they felt sorry for me. They are super generous and kind. The girls who are bullying me are getting meaner and meaner every single day. They make me trip over their 1 foot and said that it was an “accident”. So, one day, I decided to be mean and decided to prank them. First, I put a spider on one girl’s hair and I put glue on one girl’s water bottle and her hand got stuck. I also ripped this girl’s picture day dress to add an extra pinch of “FUN”!!! Yay! Yay! And those girls were dumb enough to not know who did those cruel things.

We also told the principal about what had happened between those girls and me. Those girls surprisingly apologized to me very seriously after a suspension for a week. So, now we have all become friends. It was frustrating for me to write this but I’m happy that we all became friends!!! YAY!!


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