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  • Sunny Hwang (Grade 4) Apgujeong

Escaping Azakaban

Have you ever wondered where the most dangerous place to be trapped is? In my opinion, it’s Azkaban because Dementors are guarding it outside. Azkaban is the most secure prison in the wizarding world. The reason is that Dementors have the ability to suck out souls and to suck out happiness, making everything cold. There is only one person who ever escaped from Azkaban: Sirius Black.

My plan to escape Azkaban is to smuggle a Bowtruckle inside with me to Azkaban. And then, when the Dementors are gone, make the Bowtruckle pick the lock to allow me to get out quietly. Then I’ll find a wand to summon a broom or Disapparate to a safe place. The other plan is to take an invisible Demiguise to Azkaban and then make it climb outside to another room that is not a cell. It will turn invisible to get a wand for me. After it gets back, I’ll summon a broom or Disapparate to a safe place again. The last plan to escape Azkaban is to become an Animagus or fly out of Azkaban. Also, I think that you need to be careful not to be seen by the Dementors. You must be able to use a wand and use different kinds of spells. It would be helpful to be able to use a broom as well.

The things that you need to be careful of are Dementors because they have the ability to kill you. You need to be aware of the ocean too because it is very strong and very black. The last thing to be aware of is to not get lost because the prison is very dark and complicated. I think if you get into Azkaban, be aware of all these things.


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